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Enter HereThrace and the Thracians
(c. 1500 BC to 100AD)

Hi! This page was the home of everything around 2,000 years old and a bit Thracian . That includes Skythian, Illyrian, Dacian, Paeonian, Bithynian, and Sarmatian.

12 Februrary 2007.  According to ZeroCatch, this web site has had 501,864 hits and 223,543 visitors.  My book is listed as a “best seller” by Osprey.  Thankyou!

I going to write a new book, 3.5 times longer than the first one.  It will be on the same topic as the first one, and published by Pen and Sword Books

So that you don’t have to see all the annoying ads, I have removed this site.  If you want the new web site address, please email me. I am going to rebuild this site at the new address.

You can Email me (Christopher Webber) at vakarr@yahoo.com.au


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